Interactive video with 4 corner pin motion tracking (after effect, flash)

Written by Gilles on April 12, 2013

For the lynx fallen angels facebook campaign I developed  a interactive video player which take users content (text, profile picture) to integrate it into a video. I mainly used after effect for motion tracking and flash for live compositing and php to store facebook content and convert tracking point data. This casestudy is splitted in 3 tutorials:


Lite Bitmap collision detection on AS3

Written by Gilles on December 19, 2011

Lot of physics librairies like box2d has been ported to make game developer life much easier especially for complex physics. In case of simple platform or old school beat them all game, using these librairies can be pain for developper and CPU to get simple behaviour with collision detection. What we’ll illustrate here is how


SWC Assets Packer

Written by Gilles on December 9, 2011

The SWC assets packer is an sh/PHP script (Mac, Linux compatible) which compresses a directory of assets (sound, image, data)  into one SWC file. The final SWC file contains the assets packaged in the same way you organized your folders (eg. myAsset/myFolder/happypic.png will become class myfolder.HappypicPng). There is no need of using Flash authoring tool